Microwave Digital Casting

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Microwave Digital Casting is a new manufacturing process that combines 3D Printing, Materials Science, and Microwave Energy to deliver a fast, scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective process for the manufacture of complex metal parts in any alloy

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 & 4

Step 1: The metal part to be made is 3D printed with our "Print-To-Cast Filament" in a FFF 3D printer or with our "Print-To-Cast Resin" in a DLP Printer

Step 2: A microwave suscepting mold is cast over the part with our "Quick-Mold" castable mold material

Step 3: The mold is placed in the microwave furnace to rapidly burn off the 3D printed part leaving behind a mold cavity

Step 4: The mold cavity is filled with a metal powder and placed in the microwave furnace to rapidly melt the metal powder into a cast part

How It Works

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Highly Scalable

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Energy Efficient

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Fast Processing

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No pouring of molten metal

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cost Effective

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Minimized Post-Processing



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